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Benton Harbor police officer accused of excessive force

NOW: Benton Harbor police officer accused of excessive force

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – On December 28, Benton Harbor Police Officer Drew Wagner chased and tased a suspect during a stop involving a potentially stolen car. Wagner’s use of force during the incident, however, is being called into question.

The chase began during a traffic stop and lasted until the suspect, Michael Thompson, made it to a Marathon gas station where Wagner caught up to him.

After being tasered two times, Thompson dropped to the ground, prompting Officer Wagner to engage in a scuffle with the Thompson. During this, Thompson was punched in the face multiple times.

When Thompson asked why he was being punched, Wagner replied “Because you weren’t listening.”

Officer Wagner later reported that "...he turned around on his back and began pulling the taser probes out of his back. I then delivered two closed fist strikes to Michael's head to prevent him from removing his probes and to try to get control of him and reset his thought process..."

Also in the report, Wagner said, "I was able to eventually get partially on top of Michael while he was on his back facing me. I used a closed fist strike to his head area one more time with my left hand in an attempt to perform another control technique to try to handcuff him."

Benton Harbor Public Safety Director Dan McGinnis also commented on the incident, saying, "The officer deployed a taser on the subject with little affect. He continued to actively resist. The officer struck him as it appeared the subject would attempt to get back up to his feet after removing one taser prong, thus still actively resisting."

McGinnis also said that Thompson had an active felony warrant.

Thompson was placed under arrest after another officer arrived on the scene.

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Dick 38 days ago
His mommy, Michelle Evans accuses police of excessive force, which is untrue, I accuse his mommy Michelle Evans of not teaching her son right from wrong, and this is True and proven in the video. They are not saying he did not commit the crime only that his hand got slapped. Thank you Officer Wagner for doing your job and following the rules.
Silverlining 38 days ago
Thank you officer Wagner for enforcing the law and doing your job.
AceTourer 39 days ago
Do you idiots realize how stupid what you are defending is???? YET ANOTHER FELON being abused ? That's all fine until he kills or robs you or steals your car... THEN you ask why didn't the cops shoot him when they had him stopped today. The CRIMINAL chose to run - at that point all bets should be off and lethal force should have been used. IF the man was innocent or even guilty and complied with the requests of law enforcement he would have been kindly escorted without incident to a holding cell to face whatever WE THE PEOPLE have decided to create as a justice system to ensure peace and domestic tranquility... If there is a lesson to be learned consider lawlessness created when no one will enforce reasonable moral judgement. What will become of our world when criminals run wild because no one will be a cop because the criminals family's cry wolf whenever the law is being upheld. YOU put on that star and YOU face the unknown - is he going to shoot you or is there 10 of his gang waiting around that corner he just ran around? Or should you just let the criminals all go because they don't want to be punished for violating the moral statutes a reasonable society has agreed to live by? Should the police officer have punched the man in the head ? NOPE he should have the right to shoot him as soon as he started to run away.
RonOwens 39 days ago
The police officer did what he believes had to be done at the time and he got the job done, Benton Harbor has a lot of crime and needs to be stop if that what police need to stop crime then do it period!
Denisewallstreet 40 days ago
The correct State in this story is Michigan
This happened in Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022.
Aliccia 40 days ago
With all of the police brutality thats going on around the world, I dont blame him running to a spot where there are cameras.
Silverlining Aliccia 38 days ago
Perhaps he should follow the commands given to him by the officer. When we follow the orders of officers, then there is nothing to be fearful of. If an officer is not following the law, then take it to court. This is why we have a court system.

He was running away from the officer...not thinking about cameras.
Dick Aliccia 38 days ago
Do you realize the majority do not believe the abuse game and realize it's usually a money grab for someone who commits crime for a living. How many women do you see in the news crying abuse? The women are home getting state aid because they played the get pregnant get a state aid check lottery.
MX 40 days ago
Run and resist, then cry when you get caught. Boo hoo.
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