Benton Harbor's effort to prevent fires

NOW: Benton Harbor’s effort to prevent fires

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Benton Harbor’s Department of Public Safety has a set of tips and signs to look out for to prevent fires. 

“I think that’s awesome, people need to know those safety tips,” Benton Harbor resident Sammy Allen said. 

As a part of this year’s fire safety announcement Benton Harbor’s Department of Public Safety outlined that electric problems in the city’s older homes should be checked out.

“Houses that were built 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago were built to a different kind of standard with electrical loads, these days you’ve got tv’s, microwaves, and all these other things that require more power,” Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety Director Daniel McGinnis said. 

The department says there are signs to look out for such as outlets that spark and lights that flicker when using appliances, along with to never use ovens to heat a home. 

There are positive signs, the Benton Harbor’s fire calls fell from 746 in 2012 to 349 so-far in 2018. 

Despite the falling numbers McGinnis still advises people to implement the safety tips. 

If a Benton Harbor resident is concerned about their home the Benton Harbor Department of Public safety will conduct an inspection, which McGinnis says is not a trap to give a citation but to ensure the houses safety.

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