Benton Harbor's MOSAIC hopes to convince council to approve move

A Benton Harbor non-profit that helps hundreds of people find jobs locally needs to move, but the city still hasn’t approved its new location.

The non-profit hopes that if the community comes out to say mosaic matters, maybe the council will listen.

 “There are so many success stories through the jobs for life program. It definitely helps a lot of people in the community,” said Brittanie Morris, a ‘Jobs for Life’ program graduate.

Benton Harbor’s MOSAIC started the ‘Jobs for Life’ program to give the jobless the opportunity to succeed.

“Jobs for life started in the summer of 2014, and since that time, we’ve had over 230 students through the program,” said MOSAIC’s Executive Director, Ric Pawloski.

That number is growing exponentially.

So, MOSAIC needs more space by July 2017 when the lease is up.

Management has set its sights on 200 Paw Paw.

“It’s so well-suited, and it’s original intent was as a business development, business growth, job development center, and that’s actually what we’re doing at MOSAICs, so we feel like the purpose fits the building perfectly as well,” said Pawloski.

However, the city council recently voted against letting MOSAIC move there.

“We’re going to be going in front of the City Commission Monday night to share with them a little bit about our vision and our dream for MOSAIC. We like to think we’re going to bring some activity and some light and some life to this building that’s been vacant for so many years,” said Pawloski.

They’re bringing some light through opportunity.

“That’s what we’re here for to provide hope and to provide opportunity for what we call steps to greatness, you know they’re ability to get a job, keep a job, and for themselves provide a sustainable lifestyle,” said Pawloski.

“I really feel like Jobs for Life, it definitely gives people second chances to get back out there, do better, get back on their feet,” said Morris.

The council meeting is tomorrow at Benton Harbor’s City Hall at 6:30 PM.

The non-profit is also trying to raise money to expand its services with a capital campaign called ‘MOSAIC on the Move’. You can donate to that campaign here.

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