Benton Township business owners soon to be hit with another tax

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- According to the Benton Charter Township board, the Benton Township Police Department responded to over 4,000 calls to the business district last year.  The township says that is why those business owners will soon have to pay for protection, but business owners say they don't need it.

ABC 57 got a hold of the list of the nearly 400 businesses that will be affected. The list is 14 pages long.

Small business owners are not happy, for many, this additional tax will be a major hadship.  

The township says the business district requires an extra police force that costs nearly $200,000 a year.

But John Kolaskey, owner of Carpet Mart in Benton Township says it is not often that the small businesses in the area call police, it is usually the big box stores. 

“We’ve been in business here 27 years, we’ve had Benton Township police department here one time.” explained Kolaskey.

Kolaskey says small business owners are easy targets for the township because they do not get to vote. And while it may be legal, he says its just not right.

The township is holding a meeting on October 1. The board is expected to make a final decision and vote on moving forward with this tax.

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