Berrien County at high transmission rate, but ready to vaccinate additional groups

NOW: Berrien County at high transmission rate, but ready to vaccinate additional groups

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — Berrien County is now at a high COVID-19 transmission rate, according to the framework laid out by the CDC, which the state of Michigan is adhering to as well.

Those metrics are based on two indicators – the number of cases and percent of positive tests in a given week.

Now that Berrien at a high transmission level, it means it’s above the threshold of 100 cases per 100,000 and above a percent positivity rate of 10 percent in the past week.  

But there is some good news, the county is ready to roll out vaccinations to two additional groups after more guidance from the CDC.

That includes pregnant women – a group which originally needed further research before getting the green light.  

“There is not a higher risk for miscarriage with the vaccine, it’s right around the exact same rate as the general population, and in fact, there is also evidence that there is some immunity passed on to that newborn,” said Gillian Conrad, MPH, 

Communications Manager at the Berrien County Health Department. “The FDA and CDC have now recommended that immunocompromised individuals are to receive a third dose of the vaccine, the Berrien County Health Department will be providing third doses only with a doctor’s note or prescription stating they are to receive that dose.”

If you need a COVID-19 test in Berrien County - the health department said they haven’t seen a backlog in appointment availability despite the surge.

They do emphasize the importance of participating in the health department’s contact tracing if you are in quarantine or test positive. 

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