Berrien County construction continues amidst first heat wave

When it gets warm construction season heats up. On Monday, MDOT worked to revamp more than nine miles of road in Berrien County.

Road crews worked under the sun all day with today’s temps climbing into the 90s.

MDOT official, Nick Schirripa, says these crews already know to come prepared when things heat up.

“They have gone through construction seasons before, this isn’t the first rodeo,” says Schirripa. “They are familiar with road construction especially in the heat, in the summer. Temperatures over 85 or 90 are not new to them.”

Long story short, Schirripa says they’re just used to it. “That’s something they become accustomed to over the years not something they’re just thrown into.”

ABC57 news is told the hours crews work stay the same no matter the season.

“They’ll be out there midday, 2 3 o’clock in the afternoon when temperatures are at their highest,” says Schirripa.

Safety, though is still a priority. All MDOT employees go through training about once a month.

“A little kind of safety review when the temperatures start to rise just to refresh their memories on ways to stay healthy and in good shape while they’re working,” explains Schirripa.

He adds it’s up to the worker’s discretion whether or not they need to get out of sun.

“If our workers or contractors start to feel overheated or dehydrated or fatigue, they are encouraged to take a break get out of the sun.”

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