Berrien County health officials: clear your cabinets of unused meds

Drug abuse affects families all across the country. And Berrien County is one of the hardest hit regions. Health officials say that something as simple as clearing your cabinets can help curb that.

The first place drug abusers look is medicine cabinets. And with many people coming over to your place for the holidays, you never know what people can get their hands on.

The Berrien County Health Department suggests clearing your medicine cabinets of any expired or unused medications before the new year begins. But it's important you do it safely, so you aren't hurting the environment or water supply.

That's why the department has set up drop off locations throughout the county. It's something that could save a loved one's life.

"Prescription drugs are one of those things that all ages, especially young people, are looking for to get high," said Kerri Teachout with the Berrien County Health Department. "And medicine cabinets are sometimes the first place they look."

In 2016, more than 2500 pounds of pills were collected, according to the department. They hope to see more in 2017, with 11 different locations throughout the county for you to drop off.

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