Best friends give birth at same hospital, minutes apart

If your best friend has ever had a baby, you probably know just how exciting those moments are.

But imagine having a baby at the same time as your best friend, in the same hospital, at the same hour.

Two best friends from Michiana are still pinching themselves after a night they’ll never forget.

Amanda Irvine and Alex Hankins were both expecting babies sometime in late March.

But they never could have imagined they’d be in labor on the same day at almost the exact same time.

Liam Irvine and Ivy Hankins, not even 24 hours old yet, already have a remarkable story to share one day.

In the meantime, their moms, Amanda and Alex, will share it for them.

The two moms, both 22 years old, have been best friends since they met in eighth grade

Sunday morning at 2:23 a.m. and 2:43 a.m., their friendship reached new heights.

“They were like, they were like can you hold on a couple minutes because they’re gonna deliver their baby real quick and the doctor will be right in I was like ok great, when he walked in,  I knew it was one right after the other, they were like they’ll probably be born within the same hour, and the nurse came in and said born twenty minutes apart, not even,” said Hankins.

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