Bethel College officially begins operating as Bethel University

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Bethel College has officially changed its name to Bethel University as of Monday, May 6. The change follows a lengthy debate by Bethel’s Board of Trustees.

The university's transition will be overseen by an appointed committee of Bethel leaders.

According to a press release, faculty, students and staff emails have been updated to a new domain. The university’s website has been changed to

Social media changes have been announced for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube handles. Updates to secondary social media accounts will soon reflect these new changes.

Bethel University also debuted a new University logo as well as athletic logos while the mascot, school colors and motto remain the same.

It's the hope of the university, that these changes will expand the university's reach and remove any barriers that future students might face in understanding the quality and depth of Bethel's academic programs.

Bethel’s Board of Trustees considered several options in regards to the change and after conducting months of research including a survey of approximately 20,000 Bethel constituents and conversations with other institutions -- the decision was unanimous.

“Bethel alumni and friends should know that, although the name is changing, Bethel’s mission is not, “ said Board Chairman Randy Lehman. He adds, “We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide a Christ-centered education that equips leaders to make a Kingdom impact in the church and in the world. We will continue to have a community atmosphere where relationships and spiritual formation are at the core of the student experience.”

An accredited Christian institution, Bethel University offers associate, bachelor's degrees and master's degrees across 50 areas of study.

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