Beyond the Badge: Flag once flown over U.S. Capitol returned to veteran after 20 years

Beyond the Badge: Flag once flown over U.S. Capitol returned to veteran after 20 years

WINAMAC, Ind. --- ABC57’s Beyond the Badge continues with a unique story of how an American flag, once flown over the U.S. Capitol made it back to a man after 20 years.

The Indiana Patriot Guard hosted a special presentation at the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department in Winamac on Sunday, starting the event with police lights and a military escort to present an American flag with a lot of history.

“We stand for those who stood for us,” Indiana Patriot Guard State Captain John Petro said.

Petro said he was honored to present the flag, once flown in honor of then Captain Roy Mullis, back to now retired Lieutenant Colonel Mullis, who hasn’t seen the flag since 1995.

“I’m very grateful for everybody who kept it and those that returned it,” Mullis said.

First Sergeant Paul Lazinsky held onto the flag for Mullis, as they both planned to meet up again when they arrived on assignment in Hawaii.

"I knew that one day I would see it again. I did not realize it would be almost 20 years later, I thought we would meet up in Hawaii.”

The pair had been re-assigned on the way to assignment and never made it back together. Lazinsky passed away in 2018 while serving in the police force.

“The first sergeant's widow had found it in a storage locker,” Petro said.

With the help of several people, including the Arizona Patriot Guard, Indiana Patriot Guard and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, the flag made its way back to Mullis.

After 32 years of service, Mullis has been around the world several times and said it’s the people who have stuck with him.

“The most rewarding part is your fellow soldiers,” Mullis said. “You remember a lot of them. You remember the good times, the bad times. It was very rewarding to share your knowledge with others.”

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