Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to ramp up African-American numbers for Mentorship Month

January is national Mentorship Month, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of St. Joseph County say they need more leaders to step up for kids in the community. Especially for young African American males.

Through the big brothers big sisters program, men like Michael Carrol are filling a void for some of south bend's youth.

"The most rewarding part about this program is I get to see this young man grow into a healthy, exciting, fun person," said mentor Michael Carrol.

And local kids take notice. Once a month they gather with other mentors and mentees in the program, learning valuable life skills like public speaking and proper dress.

"Me having fun with my brother, him taking me places. I just have fun being with him a lot," said mentee Romello Norris. 

"Something like a father figure or something," said mentee Tyson Love. "A big brother can help you out and you can learn a lot of things."

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