Biking in the Bend 2012

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Weekend warriors, bike lovers, and those who just like the weather gathered Sunday for this year's Bike the Bend.

More than a thousand people pre-registered. 
And many hit the 34-mile course around 6:30 a.m.
And as you're about to see it was a perfect day for a spin on the old bike.
People from all over Michiana brought their bikes to one of six different starting points to take part in today's Bike the Bend.
Some came two by two.  Others had family in tow.
And it didn't matter if you were young or just young at heart.
Linda Thompson and her husband come every year from Sturgis, "much better than last year last year it was rained and it was cold and windy. this year it's beautiful."
There were some people who were new to biking as well as those who've been around the block.
Andrew Pizarekm, a junior at Riley High School, is a mountain bike racer who couldn't pass up a chance to put his specialty bike to the test, "this one we built, it's a fixed gear so it doesn't stop pedaling at all so you can go forward and backwards."
We had Andrew take the ABC 57 GoPro for a spin on his fancy bike.  You can see him in the straight away to Saint Patrick's Park.
To keep people safe lots of volunteers were on hand and the Red Cross had riders out and about to help out.
"There are is a group of safety people riding first aid as well throughout the enitre map and they have water first aid supplies, whatever they might need," said volunteer Kathy Heiderman.
The ride ended with a big celebration at Saint Patrick's Park.
"They have all sorts of games and rides for the kids a climbing wall, things for bmx bikes," said volunteer Kathy Heiderman.
And, while hundreds participated, others chose to ride home even if it meant completing the 34-mile course a second time.
The fun went until 4:00 p.m.

Volunteers tell us in the end they were expecting more than 1,500 people to take part.
In past years, the course has gone through Notre Dame.
This year, that did not happen because of graduation. 

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