Governor Holcomb signs bill supporting military college students

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Governor Eric Holcomb signed a new law that adds protections to military college students who are called to active duty on Wednesday.

State Representative Tim Wesco (Osceola) authored the newly-passed law.

According to State Rep. Wesco, members of the Indiana National Guard that are called to active duty during an academic term will be provided a tuition refund, credit, or the ability to retake the course with no additional cost.

With this law, any financial benefits veterans may receive from the government are not counted against them as they apply for state-level financial aid.

“This law provides overdue protections to our citizen soldiers. We owe our country’s military men and women the best possible opportunity to complete their education during and after their service.” Rep. Wesco said.

The law goes into effect on July 1st.

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