Birth on a trolley

GOSHEN, Ind.--  Meet Autumn Dawn. Or as her parent's call her, the Trolley Baby.

"I'm supposed to have a pill for early labor tomorrow but the baby came here today," said Skylla Hurt, new mother.

Unlike the trolley, her arrival didn't follow a time table. She came into the world riding a trolley at 10:30 a.m.

"When I got on the trolley, it keeps getting faster and harder and stuff like that," said Hurt.  "When I got to the court house it came out."

The new mom is thankful for the quick response of the driver who called 911, as well as the other riders.

"I could mostly feel the baby coming out, mostly, but I really didn't know if it was or not," said Hurt. "Then the bus driver was on the phone with them already."

It happened so fast, emergency responders cut the umbilical cord as she sat with her newborn inside the trolley. The news even came as a shock to her boyfriend.

"Oh I was surprised," said Lance Knoop II. "The moment she called me and said, 'The baby's out,' and by the time I got here I just had a headache in my head for some reason."


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