Bishop DArcy remembered at All Schools Mass

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Hundreds of kids came together for the "All Schools Mass" at Notre Dame's Joyce Center Tuesday, but this year the gathering was overshadowed by the loss of Bishop Emeritus John D’Arcy.

It's usually a joyous event.

"It's always beautiful to have these all school masses, both in Fort Wayne and South Bend, to gather all of our students from all of our Catholic schools and it's just beautiful to pray together with all of these young people,” said Bishop Kevin Rhoades.

Every year, the Diocese of Fort Wayne gathers the local Catholic schools for a united mass.

This time, an icon was missing.

"Bishop D'Arcy used to love these all school masses. We were just talking about this a couple weeks ago.,” said Rhoades.

"He loved the children so much and it was hard for me too just because we're used to seeing him here,” said Sister Margaret Mary Mitchel O.S.F.

Rhoades addressed the death of Bishop D'Arcy but focused the mass on following God's calling, something Bishop Rhoades says D'Arcy lived every day.

"He loved doing that he'd go there and hear confessions and talk to the students and teach in the religion classes and I think that kept him young in spirit,” said Rhoades.

While Bishop D'Arcy's absence was certainly felt among the congregation, the clergy and students are relying on their religion and camaraderie to cope.

"We have faith that death is not the end. But yet there is that natural human loss that we all feel for someone that we love,” said Rhoades.

"When something sad like this happens, even though he's gone on to his reward, it's just, you just need to come together and be together to talk about it,” said Sister Margaret Mary Mitchel.

Each year this mass is held to show students just how many other kids in the area also attend Catholic schools and promote the importance of Catholic values.

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