Black Friday gun sales set record

According to the latest numbers from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, gun sales on Black Friday set a record. Gun shop owners say sales remain steady.

The numbers come from the number of federal background checks done on Black Friday. Background checks are mandatory for retail purchases.

This year, there were 20-percent more background checks than last year, which set the previous record.

The record gun sales were surprising for local retailers who felt the rush – and they say it isn't letting up.

Midwest Gun Exchange says guns and ammo have been selling so fast their stock is low and they are being forced to special order items because of it.

“Special order normally takes a week, now it takes a month,” said Brad Rupert of Midwest Gun Exchange.

Some believe the continued increase in sales is because of President Obama's reelection, but local retailers hope that's not the case and that business remains steady.


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