Black Friday madness

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --  It’s that time of year again.  Folks are pitching tents and sleeping on the sidewalk and it is all in the name of Black Friday.

“Yeah, I did sleep overnight and I only had one nap,” said Jared Lukkarilla.

Even 9-year-old Jared Lukkarilla has been sleeping overnight to try and catch that hot ticket item.

“I am here for a 40-inch TV and maybe some games,” said Lukkarilla.

But the young shopper said it is more about the experience.

“I am having a great time so far.  I have been playing some cards with my friends and cousins,” said Lukkarilla.

Luckily his brother was able to man the fort while Lukkarilla snuck home for a turkey dinner.

But with Target opening at 9 p.m., some shoppers skipped Thanksgiving altogether.

“At 9 o’clock at night, I do not see how it is interrupting Thanksgiving,” said Bridget Hagen.

But folks at Best Buy do not agree with Target’s commercial antics.

“Opening up at 9 o’clock and interrupting the Thanksgiving holiday, that is ridiculous.  They should have waited until the next day,” said Richie Nagy.

They say family comes first, then let the Friday shopping mayhem begin. 

“I just wish you luck.  Hopefully you get the items that you want.  Everyone be safe and careful so we can all have a good night,” said Nagy. 

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