"Blackout Wednesday" looking different for local bars

NOW: “Blackout Wednesday“ looking different for local bars

SOUTH BEND, Ind.---The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually one of the biggest nights of the year for bars but the COVID pandemic has dealt a huge blow in terms of revenue. Bar owners across the city are having to make up for so few people coming out because of safety concerns.

“Normally it is a huge night for us and a lot of the bars here but I’m kind of envisioning a much more subdued night compared to years past,” said Joe Mittiga, who owns Corby’s Irish Pub. “People may be, hopefully listening to the recommendations being made.”

The CDC and St. Joseph County Health Department  are both discouraging large crowds this year and that’s causing bar owners to expect a huge drop in sales.

“We’re certainly not going to set any records this year,” said Mittiga, “We’re trying the best we can to make it fun.”

At Hop Station in Mishawaka, owner Casey Stuber is hoping his bar being fairly new will help bring in customers.

“We work with a lot of breweries around the county and locally, giving us limited release stuff that we can offer for carry out,” said Stuben. “That’s been doing really well for us.”

Both Stuben and Mittiga say they’re hoping their customers stay safe this holiday season, even if it means less of them come in for the time being.

“To make the make the number that I’m going to make tonight, I’m going to have to have more staff to enforce the mask requirement to try and stay in the good graces of the St. Joseph County Health Department,” said Mittiga.

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