Blackthorn Golf Club's owners purchase Signal Point Club in Niles

NOW: Blackthorn Golf Club’s owners purchase Signal Point Club in Niles

The owners of Blackthorn Golf Club are expanding their business with the purchase of the Signal Point Club on West River Road in Niles.

The Niles club opened in the 1960s and is a historic location on the St. Joseph River.

Tim Firestone, the CEO of Blackthorn, says he hopes they can help the community.

"We hope to take that same vision and strategy here to Niles, and to really try to figure out how we can help and how we can be a good partner here in the Niles community, both with job creation, as well as hosting events, things for local charities, all those things that can be done we want to look into doing and really become a good partner here in Niles," Firestone said.

Most of Signal Point's employees were retained. Membership pricing won't change for the rest of 2018.

New membership packages will begin next year.

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