Blue-Gold game ends in true fashion coming down to the final seconds

NOW: Blue-Gold game ends in true fashion coming down to the final seconds

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- The Blue-Gold game had a thrilling ending Saturday. Thousands of fans attended the first spring game with Marcus Freeman as head coach.

The Blue-Gold game ended with freshman Steve Angeli making the game winning touchdown as the clock hit zero.

"Throughout practice I've been able to kind of rep that but I don’t know about that exact situation but when the times going down and you got to go make a play I’m just going to do my best to make it happen," Angeli said.

"To end it like that I mean you couldn’t have scripted it a better way to end it on the last play," Coach Freeman said.

Ahead of the game all eyes were on Drew Pyne who played for both the blue and gold team after losing Tyler Buchner to an ankle injury.

Pyne had some struggles on the field but didn’t let it ruin his overall performance.

"He played I don’t know how many plays the first half and got zero break. I’m really proud of him stepping up and playing for both teams," Freeman said.

Two freshmen, Jadarian Price and Steve Angeli, connected for team gold’s first touchdown of the game to start the second half and they never looked back.

"We practiced that play a lot over the spring coach McCullough actually told me I was getting out a little slow but just seeing Zeke and those guys right in front of me it was like man just open field. So once I got in the end-zone I really didn’t know what to do. I was like man this really just happened," Price said.

"I thought JD was doing a great job doing this spring and wanted to see how he would respond basically being the primary guy. He did a good job," McCullough said.

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