BMV releases information on new motor-scooter laws

In August, Indiana legislators passed the state's first set of license requirements for motorized scooters after a series of serious and sometimes deadly accidents involving scooters.

Earlier this week, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles held a press conference outlining the new laws and what riders will need to do before hitting the open road.

“It'll be a good thing,” said Matt Schrock.

Schrock is the owner of Cycle Works, a two-wheel repair shop that's been in business in Goshen since 1992.

“There's a lot of scooters that legally go faster than they should. I don't know it just doesn't seem very safe to have them on the street," said Shrock.

Operators of scooters with engines that are 50 cubic centimeters will be required to purchase license plates and pass a BMV test. The BMV says that the annual cost of registration for a motor scooter under 50cc will be $26.35 plus an additional $10 for excise tax. The ID card will be $11.50.

If the moped packs an engine larger than 50cc, then drivers will have to follow the same guidelines as motorcyclists, right down to the insurance.

“If you have a motorcycle or a car then you have to have a license or registration,” said Schrock. “Well, they're on the road too, so they should probably have to have registration so we know who's who. It's kind of scary, but by making them get registered and having the plates they be able to weed out the issues. Do it right or don't do it at all.”
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