Board accepts Sgt. O'Neill's resignation, gets update on body cam policies

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- At the Board of Public Safety meeting in South Bend Wednesday, the board accepted Sergeant Ryan O'Neill's resignation and spoke with Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski about changes to the department's body camera policies.

While the board discussed O'Neill's resignation following the fatal shooting of a suspect armed with a knife, they asked Chief Ruszkowski if the resignation was voluntary.

Chief Ruszkowski told the board it was O'Neill's decision.

In his resignation letter, O'Neill stated, "As a result of the stresses and pressure of recent events, I recognize that I am no longer able to effectively stay with the agency."

With his resignation, there will no longer be an internal affairs investigation into O'Neill. However, the department will continue looking into whether responding officers followed standard operating procedures, Ruszkowski told the board.

The board also asked Ruszkowski if the department is making any changes to the body cam policy.

Ruszkowski said they had already updated the policy. Every time a squad door is opened, the body cam is activated. The department is also in the process of obtaining sensors that would activate body cameras if the officer's gun is removed from its holster.

O'Neill's resignation letter:

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