Body found in Goshen backyard

A body was discovered Thursday morning in a Goshen backyard, police believe it was a drunk man that collapsed.

The man who found the body said he looked outside his window in the morning and saw something in his yard when he walked up to it, he found a man lying on the ground dead, he then called police.

The call came out just after after seven. 

The man later identified as 40 year old Robert Linn.

Police believe he was drunk when he passed out in the backyard.

Eventually dying of hypothermia.

Goshen fire department told ABC 57 A normal body temperatures are anywhere in the neighborhood of 96.8 degrees to 98.5 degrees and hypothermia can start setting in as early as 95.8 or 95.5 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the weather conditions.

Last nights weather conditions would have caused the perfect storm.

A blistery cold with a wind chill near zero.

Passing out in these cold conditions can lead the body to begin shutting down. Linn may not have even noticed the danger he was in. 

Since he had been consuming a large amount of alcohol he already might be slightly impaired so those initial stages of hypothermia may be ignored which automatically will kick them into that moderate to severe stage of hypothermia.

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