Body of Alma Del Real found in Marshall County

 22 year old Alma Del Real went missing 6 weeks ago, on April 12th, after a night out at Studio Rumba 305.

And since then her family and friends have been searching for her tirelessly.

But on Wednesday evening, there was a break in the investigation.

Ken Cotter, the St. Joseph County prosecutor said, "A federal agency was able to get enough information from a suspect to lead us to the body of we believe Miss Del Real."

Meaning possible answers for the grieving family

South Bend Police Detective Jennifer Gobel said, "I want to send out my heart felt condolences to the family because I know as much of a toll that it took on me and my personal family regarding this case I can't imagine what it's done for them."

So far, one person has been arrested for preliminary murder, giving the police 48 hours to make formal charges.

Cotter said, "We are not just going to arbitrarily arrest people and try to put addition names to a case that it isn't necessary but if we get the facts and there is somebody else, we're coming."

But with that said, the police are still urging anyone with information to come forward.
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