Boosting Benton Harbor: Apartments are available downtown

Benton Harbor is actively trying to give their downtown a face lift. Local officials think they can do that by attracting more professionals to live in the area.

They hope to do so by taking something old and making it new again, using one of the cities oldest buildings here to house apartments right in the heart of downtown Benton Harbor.

Vincent Place has been standing since 1926. Now it houses a few businesses and office space. And now, new apartments. They are described as Chicago style in format. And they provide great views of the Jack Nicklaus golf course and arts district. 

Downtown redevelopment officials hope that with Whirlpool in town, these apartments will convince some people to live closer to where they work.

"As Benton Harbor is evolving you have new businesses moving in, one of them being Whirlpool," said Bryan Tutton. "You have over a thousand jobs right here on Main Street. One thousand well paying jobs where people can walk from this building to whirlpool."

The apartments are outfitted with washer and dryer and kitchen appliances. The building also has a workout facility. 

Some living spaces are now available for lease. You can sign up here. 

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