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Bourbon starts a campaign to attract new people and businesses

NOW: Bourbon starts a campaign to attract new people and businesses

BOURBON, Ind – Bourbon is launching a campaign to bring new businesses and residents to the Marshall County town.

The town of approximately 1,600 people released a video that highlights what the town says will lure people to the area.

According to Census estimates the town has not seen any substantial growth in the last two decades.

In 2017 the town approved a plan for growth.

The plan was devised by members of the local town council and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.

President of the MCEDC Jerry Chavez says the goal of the campaign is to make people aware of the town of Bourbon.

“Specifically the goal is to as I said let people know that Bourbon is a growing community, we’ve got a lot of great assets and some of those assets are really important to people looking for a new place to call home” Chavez said.

Locals in Marshall County including Mary Holm agree with the campaign and say that this will bring new energy to the area.

“Even though we are a small town it is constantly in transition. I’ve lived here for 45 years, I love the small town, I love the amenities of a small town but if we don’t continue to add businesses and add young people with energy and education and their sights on bigger things in life we will slowly die” Holm said.

The MCEDC says they will monitor the results of this campaign and implement new measures if necessary.

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Charlie 319 days ago
This is a good attempt to grow the town but if the new business don't get the support of the people it will never work. In the past there were several business that opened, a hardware store, restaurant, and a few others but could not gain the support of the town and slowly died off. So that would be the first step, let the townspeople know about the campaign and gain their help and support and it will work.
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