Boxing program helps people punch out Parkinson's

A new program in Michiana is looking to punch out Parkinson's disease by getting those who have it active. 

Rock Steady boxing has been helping those with Parkinson's disease in 30 states. Now it finally has a home in Michiana.

It's a training program targeting the most vulnerable neurological points for a person with Parkinson's. Reaction time, overall fitness and balance are all developed through specially designed boxing workouts. But perhaps the best benefit of it all is the hope and support participants gain fighting their disease.

"Everybody knows someone with Parkinson's," said Don Sheliga, a coach for Rock Steady. "It's just the fact of getting it out. There's no support groups around here. A few are starting to pop up now. But the people that come here, they are friendly and have a common ground."

This program is open to anyone with Parkinson's disease. Each workout involves stretching, running, jump roping, push ups, balancing and lots of no contact boxing. 

It started in Indianapolis and has now spread to 30 states. Now those with Parkinson's in Michiana get to reap the benefits. 

"It's been a lot of fun," said participant Chris Meehan. "And it's been encouraging. It's also been a more intense workout than I'm used to doing. My friends have told me i look better. I move faster. I'm getting around much quicker and easier. So I think there's been a difference."

To sign up, you can head to their website. 

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