Boy Scouts building one-of-a-kind STEM park in South Bend

NOW: Boy Scouts building one-of-a-kind STEM park in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A one-of-a-kind park will teach students about science, technology, engineering and math as part of a new initiative from the Boy Scouts of America.

A May 22 fundraising luncheon was held by the LaSalle Council and Boy Scouts of America to raise nearly $65,000 for the STEM park which will be located behind the Scout office on South Bend Avenue at Frederickson Park.

“The programs that we will develop and actually are developed are tailored for kids whether in middle school, elementary school, or even high school. So the idea is to engage them in something that’s fun and exciting and that way they can actually learn,” LaSalle Council CEO John Cary said.

This will be the first outdoor park of its kind as part of a larger STEM program through the Boy Scouts of America in conjunction with the STEM Scouting program.

The goal of the program is to encourage and challenge young persons to grow not just in character but in skills as they explore STEM fields which could translate into future STEM careers.

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