Boy trades in toy for trip to Disney

It was a trade that started with a red paper clip and ended with the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan receiving a free trip to Disney World.

A few years ago, a man traded a paper clip for a bigger item. After multiple up trades, he ended up with a house.

That inspired 9-year-old Brendan Haas to trade one of his toy soldiers for a trip to Disney World for a soldier's family.

Haas spent thre months trading things so he could win a Disney vacation.

He then gave it away to a little girl whose father was killed in combat.

"I coulodn't think of anything I wanted for myself, so I thought it would be fun to do it for somebody else. And it would make them really happy," Hoss said.

Good Morning American offerd the boy another trip to Disney World. Haas said he would have to give that one a way as well.


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