Boys and Girls Club hosts Lights On Afterschool

The Boys and Girls Club of St Joseph County hosted an open house to celebrate Lights on Afterschool, a national campaign to ensure all kids have access to quality after school activities.

The Boys and Girls Club has activities and programs for kids in the area including STEM projects and choir practice.

"We know that any given day there are 15 million kids who, when the school bell rings, are unsupervised.  We also know that those hours between 3 and 6 p.m. are among the most dangerous for children, times when they are more likely to get involved in crime, experiment with drugs and alcohol and sex, times when they really need strong supervision and great programming to keep them engaged," said Jory Fitzgerald Kelly, the President and CEO.

For more information, visit the Boys and Girls Club of Saint Joseph County website or Facebook page.

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