Mishawaka Schools want more security

Whether you're a parent or not, would you be willing to see a tax hike in exchange for increased security in Mishawaka schools?

It's a question the community group Support Mishawaka Schools is asking voters to consider ahead of the May 2 election.

The group, as well as officials within the School City of Mishawaka, are urging residents to vote yes to the 2023 referendum, a renewal of the expiring 2016 referendum that would redistribute money toward school security and teacher retention.

And though the 2023 referendum doesn't outright cost more than its predecessor, it could reflect the property tax increase residents are seeing across the city.

If passed, the referendum would allow the school district to fund the following:

  • Place a School Resource Officer in each school building
  • Upgrade security cameras
  • Increase technology department staff
  • Retain staff and increase recruitment
  • Hands-on learning in K-12 classrooms
  • School-wide professional development
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