Brian Kelly Radio Show: Notre Dame vs. New Mexico

NOW: Brian Kelly Radio Show: Notre Dame vs. New Mexico

Fighting Irish Media's Jack Nolan joined Notre Dame football Head Coach Brian Kelly for his weekly radio show.

"We've had to do a lot of things defensively, practicing for the triple option, spread offense, a little bit of everything. Defensively, we're pretty certain we're going to get some form of three down. Obviously, you can be very creative on a three down defense. So, they'll be moving the front, they'll be stunting. They'll try to run the front a lot like Ball State did against us where they were a little bit undermanned, but they gave us fits moving up the front. So, we've been obviously preparing for a lot of movement out front," Coach Kelly said.

"I found it really interesting, at least on a couple of occasions, following the Louisville game, you mentioned to your team, you talked about maybe looking at the big picture too much, worrying too much about winning as opposed to executing. You said, I just want 6 seconds. I just want you to focus on the next 6 seconds," Nolan said.

"Well, because then you focus strictly on the game. Instead of worrying about why you've got to make this play, I'm an All-American. I want to go to the NFL, my parents are here today, my girlfriend, will she still love me if I drop the ball? I mean all that other minutia, just worry about 6 seconds and the technique and trust your teaching and if you do that, your girlfriend is going to love you and you're going to go to the NFL and you're going to make this catch. Our guys got a little bit caught up. We need to continue to get back to worry about 6 seconds, one play at time and if we do that, we'll be fine," Coach Kelly said.

"You obviously have a big game in two weeks that we are not focusing on, but there's always some conventional wisdom that you will not want to show anything that you will hold something back on Saturday for the following week. Do you ever approach games that way? Certainly, there might be some schemes or something that you wouldn't show," Nolan said.

"You're going to run your base offense and defense. I think that - do you run everything you have in your offensive arsenal? No. Sometimes, they're not congruent to your opponent. So, we're not going to do everything that we would do against Georgia against New Mexico. I've never really felt we're going to put this part of the playbook off because we're going to save that for Georgia We're going to be who we are then the next week, there's plenty of other plays that they haven't seen on film that we're going to take out of the library," Coach Kelly said.

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