Bristol residents cleaning after consecutive storms leave damage

BRISTOL, Ind -- Residents in Bristol wake up to no power in the neighborhood, but are still finding a way to come together as a community. 

While the strong winds knocked out power, kicked over power lines, and pushed trees onto homes, the Bristol residents say this part of what happens and they're glad everyone is safe.

"We’ve all been kind of coming together and I’ve invited everybody who’s out with chainsaws over for dinner tonight. You know, we’re all coming together as a community because we look around at this damage and we say what are we going to do well it’s up to us. So were all out here working together. We’ve got neighbors from four blocks down, four blocks, four blocks to the east, west, north, and south, you know," said resident Lori McDonald.

Plenty of trees covered consecutive streets causing road closures and standstill traffic, due to traffic lights being out.

That didn't stop the community as they walked around and made sure each neighbor was safe, while assisting them with their damage, even if some were luckier than others.

"A pair of limbs come down, about 12 inches and about 40 feet long one on each side of the car. Didn’t even take the mirror off. I was really, really blessed," said resident John Evans.

Now that the damage is done, there's not estimated date and time on when the power will be restored, but residents say that's fine as they plan to have a community cookout to ensure the food and trees don't go to waste.

"Spirits are pretty high. Kids are running around. They’re excited about all the trees that are down, while all the parents are saying no, no live wires. Not sure when we’re going to get power back on. We’ve heard rumors about late Friday night and we appreciate everybody who’s out working. Everybody. We know there's at least 1600 or more in Bristol alone without power so, NIPSCO thank you. IEP, thank you," said McDonald.

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