Broken water main leaves road a slushy mess

ELKHART, Ind. -- A water main break on Fortino Court in Elkhart has turned the road into a slushy mess.

"This is such a mess. It's a nightmare. Terrible to try and drive around here," said Dana Fisher.

Freezing temperatures caused a service water line to break and water has been gushing from the ground since Sunday.

"We got a whole pond down there at the end of the road here," said Tim Frilow.

Alex Waller says it's a miracle he made it to work because his tires were frozen in the icy water.

"Twenty minutes of rocking back and forth in the same spot to actually get out," said Waller.

Elkhart Public Works has been out several times to try and fix the break, but before they can do that the snow needs to be cleared out of the way.

That might take awhile. The city's plow truck got stuck in the icy, muddy mess Monday morning. 

"I know they are working hard though. Everybody is slammed right now," said Frilow.

It's unlikely that Tuesday will be much different. Temps will be well below zero overnight.


"Guess I'm going to put my skates on. I'm going to have to skate to work tomorrow," said Frilow.

Public Works has been out to the area digging out drains because they think the earliest the service line will be capped is Wednesday.

They are waiting on electric and gas to assess the situation before they start digging.

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