Buchanan celebrates local Olympic silver medalist

NOW: Buchanan celebrates local Olympic silver medalist


BUCHANAN, Mich.--- A watch party was held at Buchanan Commons Saturday night as Buchanan native Hannah Roberts took home the silver medal in the Women's BMX Finals at the Tokyo Olympics. Roberts fell just 1.5 points shy of winning the gold medal. 

Hundreds gathered for that watch party in Buchanan to show support as Roberts competed. 

"This is big, this is huge," said Megan Weedon, who lives in Buchanan. "It’s really exciting seeing everybody out here and enjoying themselves."

Roberts' family says seeing so many people cheer on Hannah almost made up for not being able to see her win the silver medal in person.

"It’s surprising how many people know of Hannah and how much they support her," said Rick Roberts, Hannah's father. "Everyone was hands on asking ‘What do you need to help?’ and that’s where it went and that’s what we have tonight."

Those who joined the watch party say Hannah's triumphant Olympic journey gives them a since of pride and hope. 

"I think it’s really important because Buchanan’s a small community so the fact that we have a hometown hero of our own and all these kids are out here that it just goes to show no matter where you live or how small a community you come form that you can do anything," said Weedon.  

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