Buchanan City Manager resigns

NOW: Buchanan City Manager resigns

For the first time we heard what some of the allegations are including workplace behavior and comments to staff.

City manager, Ben Eldridge, explained his side of the allegations and complaints against him before ultimately submitting his letter of resignation.

“I realized that they are just subjective comments, a lot of this stuff is," said Eldridge. "They are obviously grasping at straws instead of coming to me and saying, 'Hey, I have a problem with this,' and talking to me about it. They waited for the opportune time to think back to 3 or 4 months to smear me,” said Ben Eldridge, the Buchanan City Manager.

Eldridge was suspended while the city investigated 42 allegations by city employees.

During tonight's special city commissioners meeting to consider the city manager's employment status commissioner Dan Vigansky called a motion to reject Eldridge resignation, but was outvoted 4-1.

Residents at the meeting were upset with the whole situation playing out in public.

Eldridge says he plans to stay in the same field, but feels the future of Buchanan is uncertain.

He worries the same issues could come up with the next city manager.

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