Buchanan Library to eliminate overdue fees on rentals

Photo Courtesy of the Buchanan Library

Photo Courtesy of the Buchanan Library

BUCHANAN, Mich. – The Buchanan Library said in a press release that they will no longer charge overdue fees, emphasizing that it’s "all about access."

The library will also allow patrons who have accrued fees in the past to rent materials again.

Eliminating charges for overdue materials is becoming a growing trend in United States, as libraries are urged by the American Library Association (ALA) to "scrutinize their practices of imposing fines on library patrons and actively move towards eliminating them."

The ALA also recommends that libraries seek alternative methods to funding, as overdue fees constitute a small percentage of library budgets.

Meg Paulette, the Director of the Buchanan Library, said, "Fines can prevent people from using library materials and services for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to encourage everyone to enjoy and use the library, and charging fines is counterproductive to that goal."

Studies have shown that eliminating overdue fees encourages more people to go to the library. Studies have also indicated that overdue fees can serve as an economic barrier to accessing materials at public libraries.

The Buchanan Library made this decision after recently receiving a grant from the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation.

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