Buchanans garage sale spurs spending with savers

BUCHANAN, Mich. – Everyone had a success story Friday at Buchanan’s community-wide garage sale.

“A vacuum cleaner for $3,” said Julie O’Bryant with the Buchanan. “Somebody was tickled about it, a working vacuum.”

“I don’t even know what type of pan it was,” said Elizabeth Piatrick. “But (I sold) a nice pan for $25.”

Piatrick was one of the early winners. “I’ve probably gotten rid of half of my stuff,” she said. Like the other 120 people that signed up to hold a garage sale in Buchanan this weekend, Piatrick is looking for a little cash.

“It’s the times were in,” said Piatrick.

“I think everybody wants a bargain,” said O’Bryant.

Buchanan is looking to turn a sign of the times on its head.

The city brought back the June event, which had been in August, to take the popularity of garage sales and spur a little cash flow for people in town.

“I think all the businesses are benefiting from the traffic,” she said.

“It’s a good way for us to get out and meet people,” said Robyn Fedor.

Fedor is using the foot traffic to jumpstart her animal rescue, Paws of Hope. Coincidentally it will offer low cost spay and neutering for pets.

“I think everybody is looking for a good deal,” she said.

With all the people looking to save, the city says they’ll certainly spend a bit.

The garage sale runs through Saturday. Maps can be picked up on the corner of Front Street and Red Bud Trail.

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