Burglars hit Town and Country area

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- It's move in day for students at Bethel College; which means police, are on the lookout.

"Anytime semesters begin and end, unfortunately, folks know that students move in," Paul Neel, Director of Bethel College Safety, said. "That means there are more people, and possibly more stuff."

A recent string of break-ins near the Town and Country shopping plaza have been reported.

One such break-in was right within eyesight of where students study.

"It's a pedestrian campus," Neel said. "So people can come and go real easily. We just ask that everybody be aware."

Police say something as simple as leaving change in your car can trigger a response from a thief looking to capitalize.

"More times than not, they're crimes of opportunity," Neel said. "Someone walks by, sees an unlocked door or sees a lot of things laying on the seat, and it makes it worth breaking the door or the window to get in."

No burgalries have happened on campus recently, but campus police aren't taking any chances.

They'll be out in full force this week to try and prevent any crimes that might unfold.

"That's why we try to take a preventative approach, and ask everybody to keep things locked up and not let people into buildings that are unfamilar to them, and just do the best you can," Neel said.

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