Burton's Laundry offering free services to those in need

NOW: Burton’s Laundry offering free services to those in need

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend laundromat is spinning up a solution for the homeless and families in need during the pandemic.

Burton’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning services on Western Avenue is providing assistance to communities who are struggling to make ends meet.

Under Burton’s management, customer service and affordability are key.

One way Burton’s is giving back to the community is by offering free washing services to people in need and the homeless with the help of local organizations.

This act of kindness is giving people who don’t have a place to wash their clothes, a place to go for free.

For many of us during the pandemic, washing our clothes was done without a thought in mind.

For others, it became a struggle between concerns of the coronavirus or just not being able to afford to do so.

It’s an even greater challenge for those who do not have a washer and dryer.

Maurice Bridges who works there tells me this act of kindness is lifting the burdens of financial struggle for many during the pandemic.

“Being that, what’s going on, it’s kind of hard to get out and wash your clothes and things of that nature. And, he’s been running frankly since it started. So, everybody is kind of happy. People come in and ask about it,” said Bridges.

Depending on the week, each Wednesday they rotate the services from the homeliness to families.

“Well what they do, one Wednesday they will have the homeless come in and they can wash their clothes which is a good feeling you know to have clean clothes all the time. And, other Wednesdays, it's a community so everybody from the community gets to come in and wash their clothes,” said Bridges.

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