Business owners want Lincolway West improved

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Lincolnway West is one of the most traveled roads in South Bend, but business owners say it's also one of the worst looking areas. The city plans to give Lincolnway West a major facelift.

"You come in from the airport and this is what you see and it's not very nice," said Frank Lacopo, owner of Lacopo's Pizzeria.

Lacopo opened his family business on Lincolnway West 25 years ago.

"Well it was nice, there were restaurants across the street, there was Mr. Moo's which is gone now. And we had a cleaners right next door and yeah, it was exciting," said Lacopo.

He says decades ago, Lincolnway West was the grand entrance into South Bend, but over the years some shops closed up leaving Lincolnway looking like it has been abandoned

"It's slowly getting worse. We're still here, but it's hard. Lincolnway's a mess," said Lacopo.

Now, the corridor is lined with boarded up buildings and vacant lots with overgrown grass.

Lacopo says the high-traveled area has potential. 

"We'd like to have more business on this end of town, there are a lot of good people over here on the westside," said Lacopo.

This side of town is the first and last thing people see when they travel out of south bend's airport and it leaves a lasting impression.


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