Businesses happy with cooler summer temperatures

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. -- The fall-like weather is putting a damper on people's summer plans.  But businesses say they're not disappointed about the cooler temperatures.  

"We've had a good crowd," says Joey DiMaggio, the manager at Stray Dog in New Buffalo.  

That's because at these small beach towns, when the clouds move into the beach, the crowds move into the restaurants.  

"We have a little increase in business because it is a beach town, and people tend to flock from the beach to get inside somewhere to warm up or get a bite to eat," says Roman Vyskocil, the owner of Rosie's Restaurant.  

So even though Monday's temperatures didn't reach above the low 60s, the businesses weren't complaining.  

"I think after the extremely long, frigid tundra cold winter we had, I think anything is better than that," says DiMaggio.  


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