Businesses opening, expanding in Michiana for 2022

NOW: Businesses opening, expanding in Michiana for 2022

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- One of the most loved pizza places in town is getting ready to open the doors to a new location.

People will soon be able to enjoy Barnaby’s pizza in Twin Branch off of Lincolnway East, something that manager Tim Lane says has been in the works for a while now.

“We have a lot of customers and a lot of them live out in the Twin Branch area, they cannot wait for it to come to their neighborhood,” Lane said. “It’s just closer for them, and hopefully soon we get that open for them.”

If you thought Barnaby’s would remain a delicacy only to northern Indiana, you may be wrong. Lane teases the possibility of expanding across state borders as well.

“We’re really happy to be moving forward and we’re actually looking to do more expansion in the future so you can see another four or five Barnaby’s before it’s over,” he said. “Everyone wants us to come down to Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina. We’ll think about that, but for now we’re going to expand to general areas, so we’ll see and we’ll go from there.”

Barnaby’s isn’t the only restaurant in town that has big plans for the new year.

You can expect to see the brand-new King Crab Cajun Seafood on Grape Road, as well as the new location for Fiesta Tapatia at Heritage Square Drive.

These places all plan to bring customers to the area and serve delicious food.

“We’re looking forward to being with the public. We appreciate the customers that have been with us since the beginning. We look forward to serving them and keeping them happy,” Lane said.

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