Buttigieg formally nominated as U.S. Transportation Secretary

NOW: Buttigieg formally nominated as U.S. Transportation Secretary

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— The Biden-Harris administration is trying to create the most diverse team in American history, and now Pete Buttigieg will become the first openly gay cabinet secretary ever if he’s confirmed by the U.S senate.

“It's a cabinet that's battle tested, qualified, experienced, creative, innovative, and forward looking, and, yes, representative. And today, I'm proud to nominate its newest member, for Secretary of Transportation, I nominate Mayor Pete Buttigieg,” President-elect Joe Biden said.

South Bend native, and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg is moving from South Bend to the nation’s capital. President-elect Joe Biden nominated Buttigieg to be his Secretary of Transportation, making him one of the youngest cabinet members ever at 38-years-old and first openly gay person to serve a president so closely.

“There is no greater source of meaning in professional life than the chance to serve others. I felt that meaning every time I laced up my boots when I was in the military, every time I came to work when I was a mayor. I feel it here now joining this historic team with such an important mission, preparing to deliver for all Americans,” Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

As Transportation Secretary, Buttigieg would help oversee the nations highway system, trains, planes and mass transit operations.

While Mayor of South Bend, Buttigieg helped develop the Smart Street’s Program, getting rid of many one-way streets and expanding sidewalks in the downtown area. Multiple roundabouts and bike lanes were also installed under his administration to improve traffic safety. Those are the exact reasons why current South Bend Mayor James Mueller said his former boss is a good choice for the role.

“He set a strong foundation as his 8 years as mayor and you know it’s well known that we were seen as a dying city the time he took office and was running for office and over the last decade we’ve been able to turn the corner. Go from population decline to some modest population growth,” South Bend Mayor James Mueller said.

The same qualities Buttigieg showed as mayor will help in his new role as a cabinet member.

“He’s a great communicator as you say and He’s a visionary and looking at where do we need to go and how do we get people around for that vision,” Mueller said. “Those are the most critical pieces of leadership especially at the federal level when you have so many different pieces and so many different people and scattered across the country.”

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