Buttigieg supporters spend Monday canvassing in Iowa

Democratic presidential hopeful and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg thanked a group of his supporters in West Des Moines Monday morning before they took to the streets for some last minute canvassing.

Kathleen Feenie is one of those supporters out canvassing. She is dedicated to the Buttigieg campaign and message.

Just hours before caucusing began she helped convince some undecided voters to caucus, just by knocking on their doors.

"I have had people that I’ve turned a corner with today so that’s been awesome and you also then will see them on caucus night and we’ll get a chance to celebrate a victory,” Feenie said.

Josh Mandell of South Bend also went canvassing for Buttigieg in Iowa.

“Most of the people have been undecided so we’re trying to share our personal stories from South Bend with Pete. We’re trying to show who he as a human being. Not just a presidential candidate," Mandell said.

Like Feenie, Mandell is committed to doing whatever he can to see Buttigieg in the White House, which is why he’s braving the 30 degree weather to canvass on caucus day.

“It’s never too late. The majority of the people I’ve talked to are undecided so it could be a last minute decision," Mandell said.

Regardless of how Buttigieg does Monday, his supporters remain confident in Buttigieg.

"I would like to see a Pete victory but with so many undecided people it could go anyway for the top four candidates," Mandell said.

A brand new poll from Focus on Rural America was released Monday morning. It shows Buttigieg neck and neck with Bernie Sanders, followed by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

When you take a look at the margin of error, it’s virtually a tie between those top four candidates.

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