Can the Covid-19 vaccine make you sick?

NOW: Can the Covid-19 vaccine make you sick?

ELKHART, Ind. --- The new Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine is on the fast track to being approved on a federal level. Although it is becoming readily available soon, residents are still hesitant to roll up their sleeves to receive the shot. 

Despite health officials repeatedly saying the vaccine is safe, many will opt against taking it, and one group, in particular, is being excluded altogether.

"An FDA Subcommittee is expected to approve the first Covid-19 vaccine," said the Chief Medical Officer for the Indiana Department of Health Dr. Lindsay Weaver.

The Pfizer vaccine may be approved as soon as Thursday, but an entire group may miss out. Recently, it was announced that some with a history of allergic reactions are seeing adverse effects after receiving the shot. 

"While I know there were reports of a couple of allergic reactions in the United Kingdom, the side-effects, in general, are temporary and have been found in line with what we see with other immunizations. Such as pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, and occasionally a low-grade fever," said Dr. Weaver. 

Experts say people with a history of allergic reactions, shouldn't take the vaccine. This is until more is known about the side-effects it could cause. 

Some living within Elkhart County, which the state just moved back into Covid code red, say they don't know enough to make them feel 100% comfortable just yet. 

"I've heard people say the vaccine is the way the government is trying to control people, I'm not really into all that," said Elkhart resident Jacob Blea.

Test trials have been extensive and they have shown that some, at first, will not be able to receive the vaccine. 

"Some vaccines may not be appropriate for specific individuals, or they may be advised to be monitored for an extended period of time after administration," said Dr. Weaver. 

While those unknowns are leaving some uneasy, many feel, it's the first piece to a very big puzzle. 

Putting this pandemic to bed, once and for all. 

"I myself I'm going to get the vaccine just to make sure I'm not getting anybody else infected, and I'm not getting infected from other people," said Blea. 

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