Can't pay your taxes today? Here's where to ask for an extension

NOW: Can’t pay your taxes today? Here’s where to ask for an extension


Today is the deadline to file your taxes. And if you haven’t filed, you only have hours left. But what if you need more time?

The Internal Revenue Service says you can request a six-month extension. But there’s one key point to remember.

If you owe money on your taxes, you still need to pay it by today to avoid penalties.

The web site Motley Fool says if you don’t know exactly how much you owe, make a rough estimate and start making payments. Otherwise, you will start adding interest on the amount you owe - after today’s deadline passes.

Something else to remember—if you owe money and don’t file or ask for more time—you’ll be hit with what’s called a failure to file penalty. That could be 10 times greater than the penalty for filing your taxes late.

So tax experts say at the very least, you should file *something today. There are sites where you can file an extension for free. 

You can find the list by clicking HERE.

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