Car crash knocks out power in Mishawaka neighborhood

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- There was no snow in Michiana on Sunday, but the roads still were not completely safe. 

Around 12:45 p.m. a car slid off the road hit a transformer and it was lights out for the neighborhood.

"I was lying in my bedroom watching TV and I heard a loud boom," said Marjorie Dooms.

That boom was the sound of a car hitting the transformer in front of Marjorie Dooms' house.

"There was a white flash right by my bedroom window. I thought a car hit it, but then I looked out and saw the telephone pole," said Dooms.

According to police, a vehicle on Imus Drive pulled out in front of another car on Grape Road.

The driver in the second car slammed on his breaks, but because of the slush and icy roads. he lost control of his vehicle hit the utility pole and landed in a neighbor’s front yard.

"Officers arrived to find the transformer was actually laying on the ground and on fire," said Lt. Tim Williams.

Luckily no one was injured in the accident, but folks on Grape Road from Edison down to McKinley were without power for five hours.

"I don't have any lights, heat, TV, nothing," said Dooms.

Utility workers were able to restore power, but Williams said this accident should be a lesson to everyone to slow down on these slick roads.

"These speed limits are meant for ideal conditions. These are nowhere close to ideal conditions so the faster you go or even going the speed limit and hitting icy roads, you are going to lose control of your vehicle.”

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