Cass County enacts frost law to save roads

CASS COUNTY, Mich. -- Frost law restrictions are in effect in Cass County. The frost law means commercial trucks have restrictions on the weight per axle and lower speed limits. It’s the first time the county has had the manpower and the training to enforce the law.

Some days this winter, it may be hard to pin-point an exact season in Michiana.

“It's raining one day, it’s 50 degrees the next. And then the next day it’s snowing the next day it’s raining,” said Tony Garner, Cass County resident.

The weather fluctuations are bad for the roads.

Cass County is taking action to stop the cracks and potholes from spreading.

"They enact what's called the frost law. Don't allow as much weight by the trucks to be traveled  and a lower speed to be traveled by the trucks,” said Richard Behnke, Cass County Undersheriff.

It is the first time Cass County officers are enforcing frost laws on paths like Baron Lake Road from M-60 to Pokagon Highway.

Previously, they didn’t have any officers trained as “weigh masters.” Now they have two.

It took eight months of training for officers to be able to spot oversized trucks by the way they sit on their axles.

They've got all the equipment to weigh trucks in their cars. They need a flat, level surface to weigh the vehicle.

"They'll look for a large parking lot say a school or a factory that might have to weigh the vehicle on a flat level surface,” said Behnke.

Click here to view information on the frost law restrictions

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