Caucusgoers share why they're caucusing for Pete Buttigieg

NOW: Caucusgoers share why they’re caucusing for Pete Buttigieg

DES MOINES, Iowa-- Today is caucus day in Iowa, the day the nation will have its eyes on the Hawkeye state.

This will be the biggest contest of the presidential primary season so far—and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has put all his energy into winning Monday.

The chants of 2,030 people filled the gymnasium inside Lincoln High School as Pete Buttigieg made his final pitch before the crowd, hoping for his message to resonate with people from all over the country

That caucus win is what former south bend mayor Pete is hoping to take home tonight as the final caucus vote is released. But to get there—he needs those same people—with boots on the ground.

Caucus-goers from across the country shared their messages for why their out on Monday.

"Absolutely everyone should caucus tomorrow. This is your once chance," said caucus goer Jonathan from  South Bend.

“Everyone should get out to the caucus to make themselves heard so the authentic winner can win," said caucus-goer Faith Schwartz from Texas.

Saturday was Pete for America’s single biggest day of door-knocking of the entire campaign—and a record turnout is expected Monday night.

“I'm here one more time to ask for your support tomorrow night in the Iowa caucuses so we can turn the page and bring about a better day in this country," Buttigieg said.

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